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How about a GREAT fish catching trip on the John Day River?

What's included?

  • Continental breakfast (Indian Fry bread, _fruit, coffee).

  • Hot Dutch-oven lunch and dessert.

  • Candy bars, water, and coffee.

  • Experienced John Day River teaching guide.

  • 10 hours on the water.

  • Quality poles, reels, and all the fish catching tackle to produce a quality trip and trophy fish.

  • One pontoon boat and cooler per fisherman.

  • Can accommodate groups up to 12 fishermen.

  • We employ CPR fishing ethics: "Catch, Photograph, and Release". We take lots of pictures of your trip and give you the film at the end of the trip.

  • We are dedicated to customizing each trip to meet your needs.

  • We "sell out" each year with over 70% returning clientele, and can give you lots of references.

  • We are licensed, bonded, insured, and registered with BLM to do trips on the John Day River.

$250 PER DAY

  • All of the above, except you will be fishing out of a guide model drift boat with an experienced guide rowing and giving you one-on-one instruction all day long.

  • We are the only John Day River guide service that guarantees "Fish-on" and offers a fish catching back-up plan at NO additional charge, on a private largemouth bass lake or trout lake, if the river is "blown out" and not fishable.

Is All This Just Too Much To Remember?

Want A Printed Copy
With Information About  All Our Trips?


Info Sheets On All Our Trips & Prices


Personalized Trips 

Personalized Trips are our specialty. Just tell Steve Fleming what you want and let him design a trip around your desires.

Tell Steve what you want:

  • One day or multiple days on the river fishing for Smallmouth bass?
  • Would you like to add a little largemouth bass fishing to the itinerary?
  • How about Trout? Steelhead?
  • Bass and birds combo?
  • Predator Hunt
  • What's your preference for food (there will be lots of it!)?
  • Do you have a date in mind (book soon, to get the dates you want).


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