Our clients tell us that our cooking is the finest they have ever had ..............  

and we believe them, after all "the customer is always right!"

Your fishing adventure with Mah-Hah Outfitters is so much more than fishing. The dining is absolutely the finest imaginable and is a huge favorite with our clients who say that's why they keep coming back year after year. Just because it has to do with fishing and hunting and the outdoors doesn't mean the food cannot be the finest you have ever tasted.

How about fresh & hot & home-made &  served right out of the pan.

Mah-Hah Outfitters makes sure there is something in the pan for everyone 

mmmmmm ............ fresh off the grille 

Everybody gets in on the fun and yes, she's helping to make home-made ice-cream!


Seconds????  You Bet!



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